Newmarket Studio Relocation

After many months of uncertainty and lobbying Brisbane City Council it is now confirmed that we have to move out of our beloved Newmarket studio in May. We are acutely aware that many of you have burning questions over timing and passes etc. While a number of scenarios remain in a state of flux, we have attempted to be as transparent as possible in the FAQ below. 

Why do we have to move?

Our Newmarket studio is located in what is known as a 'Low Impact Industrial Zone'. Officially we are not allowed to operate an 'Indoor Sport & Recreation' business in a LII Zone without planning permission for a 'material change of use'. While Brisbane City Council generally turn a blind eye to fitness businesses operating in these zones, in December 2017 they received a complaint about several gyms and studios in the area which they were obliged to investigate.

why can't we simply apply for a permit?

The process of lodging a development application for a 'material change of use' takes several months and costs tens of thousands of dollars. We engaged a planning consultant to draft an initial impact report which was presented to Brisbane City Council at a pre-lodgement meeting in April. Regrettably we were unable to overcome the primary issue of available on-site parking, hence we made the difficult decision not to proceed with a development application.

When do we have to move?

We continue to lobby Council for a change to the current legislation which would allow us to continue to serve our amazing Newmarket community out of Finsbury St. However the wheels of local government move frustratingly slowly and any legislative review that eventuates will inevitably take months or years. In the meantime (barring divine intervention) we are currently on notice to cease operations as a yoga studio by Friday 18th May 2018.

Where will we go?

The good news is that we are currently in negotiations over not just one, but two fabulous new studio premises in Newmarket & Ascot. Our hope and aim is to transition smoothly from Finsbury St into a permanent new location in Ascot from 19th May. We are delighted to announce that we have also secured a temporary new home at Soul Space on Parker St in Newmarket, where we will continue to offer a reduced schedule of classes from Monday 21st May. PLUS stay tuned for details of our brand new Newmarket studio coming late 2018! 

How does this affect my current pass?

Students with an active 5-class pass, 10-class pass, or 6 month unlimited pass will be able to use them at any SoHo Yoga location including Fortitude Valley, Ascot (subject to lease) and Newmarket (SoHo Yoga @ Soul Space). However we advise against purchasing new passes for Newmarket unless you are confident of using them by 18th May. Once we confirm and publish details of the new locations and timetables, we will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements if you are no longer able to attend.

how does this affect my membership?

Students on a fortnightly direct debit membership will still be able to attend all SoHo Yoga locations including Fortitude Valley, Ascot (subject to lease) and Newmarket (SoHo Yoga @ Soul Space). Once we confirm and publish details of the new locations and timetables, you will of course be at liberty to cancel your membership with immediate effect if you are no longer able to attend. Further instructions will be sent by email in due course.

We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time of transition and thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any further questions or concerns at this stage please don't hesitate to call us on 07 3180 1686.

Amanda Zdanowicz

SoHo Yoga Founder & Director