Roll & Release Workshop with Nic Matthews

  • SoHo Yoga Newmarket 2/24 Finsbury Street Newmarket, QLD 4051 Australia

Do you have pain, stiffness or lack of mobility anywhere in your body? This workshop will give you some Myofascial release (MFR) techniques to help you find trigger points and release tension using yoga blocks and balls. Roll and Release is like having a deep tissue massage, where you have total control of the pressure and the areas that need attention. During this 2 hour workshop we will work on the entire body from head to toe while learning more about the body’s connective tissue and fascia.

Some of the many benefits of rolling; increased flexibility, stress relief, pain management, better circulation, increased energy. This workshop is suitable for anyone with a body. No yoga experience required. Yoga Tune Up® balls will be available for purchase $35 pair – please bring cash on the day. Workshop $40 (members $20).