awakening to the divine ~ yoga immersion & 200hr teacher training

with Amanda Zdanowicz & Sheila Ferguson

Yoga = Union

“Uniting individual consciousness with divine consciousness and awakening to the truth of existence, achieved through physical, mental and spiritual practices.”

Are you ready to take your yoga practice to another level? Do you yearn to delve deeper and discover the richness of this centuries old tradition? Do you feel a desire to share your passion for yoga with others, or are you simply seeking more meaning, purpose and peace in your life? Join senior teachers Amanda Zdanowicz & Sheila Ferguson for a transformative journey awakening to your own divine nature in 2020.

Our training model is a part-time modular course delivered over one weekend per month for 8 months, enabling students to integrate the learnings from each module between sessions. We focus on creating and holding a safe space for students from all walks of life to fully immerse in the timeless teachings of yoga, to experience personal growth and transformation, to feel inspired and empowered to live a more mindful and compassionate life, and to develop the skills to share the fundamentals of a safe and authentic yoga practice with others.

We are pleased to offer two formats to suit individuals’ needs. For those purely seeking personal growth and development our 16-day yoga immersion is the first step towards a more profound understanding of the path of yoga, and integrating it fully into your life. Immersion students will be required to attend Saturdays and Sundays for 8 weekends.

For those with a strong desire to teach, our 24-day (200hr) level 1 teacher training will in addition provide students with the practical skills, techniques & knowledge to be of service to others. You will be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200. Teacher trainees will be required to attend Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays for 8 weekends.

Our training is unique in that it is based around the Chakra system and takes students on a progressive journey from the fundamentals of yoga theory and practice towards a more profound state of higher consciousness & sense of connectedness to the world around us. We explore tantric philosophy & energetic anatomy in detail and overlay the metaphysical foundations with a sophisticated system of alignment principles applied to the asana practice. The result is a heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring vinyasa yoga method grounded in alignment.

Students will graduate with an in-depth knowledge of yogic philosophy & practice as well as the tools to take charge of your own physical, emotional & mental health, and the skills to teach a heart-oriented, alignment focused vinyasa yoga class with confidence & integrity.

Amanda & Sheila will be joined by Occupational Therapist and certified yoga teacher Terra Bredy to deliver the modern Western understanding of anatomy & physiology in a relevant and engaging format applied to the practice of yoga.

To discuss further join us at our complimentary information session on Saturday 5th October 3.00pm - 5.00pm in Ascot, or please contact Amanda on 0431 579351 or email