Class Descriptions

Most of our regular yoga classes are 75 minutes long to allow ample time for centering and relaxation at the beginning and end of each class. We recommend a regular yoga practice incorporating different styles of classes to help balance the yin and yang in our bodies and our lifestyles. 

intermediate vinyasa (level 2)

A stronger vinyasa flow class suitable for intermediate students or those seeking a more dynamic style of practice to build strength and stamina as well as flexibility. Be prepared to be challenged and bring an open mind and a sense of humour! Not suitable for beginners.

MAT PILATES (All Levels)

With a focus on core engagement, Pilates is a series of exercises inspired by callisthenics, yoga and ballet that lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

RELAX & RESTORE (all levels)

Relax & Restore is a deeply relaxing class incorporating meditation, supported restorative poses and yoga nidra (yoga sleep) to help you wind down at the end of a busy day, leaving you with a profound sense of calm and stillness.

Rise & Shine (level 1/2)

A dynamic and energising 60 minute vinyasa style flow to start your day.

Roll & release (All levels)

Roll Model® Method is a soft-tissue conditioning based self-care fitness format that uses grippy, pliable, rubber therapy balls for self-myofascial release (self massage) and body awareness. Self-massage eases tension, improves range of motion, expands your breathing capacity, and invites you to profound relaxation.

SLOW FLOW (level 1)

With slower transitions between the poses and a nourishing focus, Slow Flow is suitable for all ages and levels, particularly beginners and those recovering from illness or injury, or simply seeking a more gentle, therapeutic yoga practice.

slow flow/restorative (all levels)

Slip out of your week and into yourself. Be guided through a slow flow incorporating supported restorative poses that allow you to tune into the subtle sensations of your body and naturally take your awareness inward to experience deeper connection of mind, body, and spirit. End with a long, nourishing relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow (level 1/2)

Vinyasa classes are rhythmic and flowing in style, connecting movement with the breath and warming the body gradually, so you radiate naturally from the inside out, leaving you feeling energised and glowing.

VINYIN (level 1/2)

Integrating a flowing vinyasa sequence with long held passive stretches to mobilise and strengthen joints, ligaments and deep fascial networks, this class provides a holistic yoga experience balancing yin and yang through movement and stillness. Leave with a calmer, clearer mind and a stronger, more flexible body.

Yin Yoga (all levels)

Yin yoga involves long holds and deep stretches targeting the connective tissues; tendons, ligaments, bones and fascia, which are not always exercised in a more active style of yoga practice. Yin yoga is a perfect complement to a more dynamic (yang) style of practice.

yoga for back CARE (all levels)

These classes are an effective way to reduce stress, alleviate back strain and pain and increase your breath capacity. Through gentle breathing exercises, yoga postures and BackMitra sequences, you will unravel tension in your spine and bring space to your whole body. Whether you are completely new to yoga or an experienced practitioner you will rediscover your spine.

I love this place. No matter how hectic and stressful my day to day life, without fail SoHo Yoga takes me back to calm contentment.”
— Kate Burrows, SoHo Yogi