A blog about a blog, "My yoga life".

So, for several months I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should start a blog. Aside from the mixed advice about the importance of having a blog to improve the search engine ranking of my website, I seriously questioned what I could possibly write about on a regular basis that would be of any interest to anyone other than my Mum (who isn’t even online). There are numerous more talented and experienced yoga teachers, more professional and prolific writers and more wise, witty and insightful philosophers out there in the blogosphere. What could I possibly bring to the table that isn’t already served up imaginatively conceived, perfectly cooked and delicately plated for my potential readers to devour?

So after much deliberation I decided to simply write about “My yoga life”: A hearty, home-cooked (some might say half-baked) personal account of my own yoga journey, on and off the mat. Hopefully these humble tales of my experiences may resonate with some of you, may even inspire a few of you, and if not I’ll at least try to make them relatively topical and mildly amusing for the rest of you. And of course your questions and comments, shared experiences and own opinions are always welcome. My dream for SoHo Yoga is to create a community of yogis who share, inspire and support each other. I feel immensely grateful to all our teachers and students who have come on board in the first 6 months of operations and helped to turn my long cherished dream into a reality. And I hope that this blog becomes another channel by which we can connect and communicate.

 On the subject of sharing, for my first blog post I have confession to make. I feel like a fraud! Seriously, I am just winging it. Despite 20 years as a yoga practitioner, studying with illustrious teachers around the world, and now teaching a dozen classes a week, I often question what I have to offer my own students, whether they can see through me, or in fact know more than me. Despite 25 years in the corporate world, working for some of the biggest brands and advertising agencies on the planet, I constantly question whether I have the skills and the experience to run my own business. After all, I was just winging it in my former career as well wasn’t I?! However, in spite of my doubts and reservations about my own abilities, my wonderful students continue to come back to class, and my fledgling business is going from strength to strength. So I figure I must be doing something right!

I have had the incredible good fortune and privilege to work with some hugely talented and inspirational teachers and mentors throughout my professional career and on my yoga path. I have the greatest admiration and respect for these mentors, hang off every word they say, and aspire to be like them, without a hope in hell of ever having the same poise, professionalism and confidence that they exude. But the single most important thing they have taught is to be myself, to honour my own truth and to follow my heart. Ok so I might occasionally screw up a sequence in class, or forget the name of a pose, or panic about cash flow when an unexpected invoice comes in. But like every other major decision in my life, starting my own yoga studio felt like a calling. I might not always teach the perfect class, or have all the answers, or make all the right decisions, but I always try to be honest, authentic and to trust my instincts.

And the second most important thing my mentors have taught me . . . is that they are all winging it too! Who isn’t? We’re all just making it up as we go along. Flailing at times, flying at others. The important thing is to simply enjoy the ride.


Amanda x