A spontaneous full moon meditation

This is a completely spontaneous blog post written at 9.30am on Wednesday 20th July AEST. Today is the most beautiful Brisbane winter’s day. I’ve just returned from walking my mini schnauzer Ralph as I do most mornings, but this morning was special.

As we strode through the bush my mind was initially busy processing thoughts, writing my mental to-do list and planning the day ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I normally find this a highly constructive use of my time . . . but this morning I suddenly felt the urge to slow down my pace.

Our walk coincided with the full moon at 8.57am Brisbane time. The sun was high in the sky but despite the blue skies the moon was at her most powerful. I stopped to look around me and bask in the beauty of the lush green grass and the sunlight filtering through the tall trees; to listen to the birdsong, the screech of the cockatoos and the scrunch of leaves and gravel underfoot; to feel the contrast of the warm sun and the cool breeze on my skin; to observe Ralph as he contentedly rummaged in the bush, following a scent or chasing birds.

And I felt an immense sense of joy and bliss and gratitude. Instead of striding, we strolled. Instead of planning ahead, I appreciated the present. Instead of sticking to the schedule, we decided to go with the flow. When we reached the back gate to our home, neither of us wanted the walk to end. Ralph cheekily trotted straight past the gate and kept going, and so I did too.

We bathed in the energy of the full moon as we walked an extra slow lap of the park and eventually returned home, happy, hungry and inspired to write this blog. Sitting on my back deck with this beautiful view and Ralph at my feet I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be or anything else I’d rather be doing right now. I hope the day is equally as uplifting for you.

Be. Here. Now.