Awakening to the Divine ~ Yoga Immersion & 200hr Teacher Training

course curriculum

Our 16-day Yoga Immersion curriculum includes:

  • Yoga History, Philosophy & Lifestyle: Yoga History & Evolution; Classical Paths of Yoga & The 8 Limbs; The Path of Tantra; The Classical Yoga Texts; Introduction to Sanskrit; The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche; Developing a Home Practice & Self-Care Rituals.

  • Principles of Alignment in Yoga Asana: Surya Namaskars; Standing Poses; Hip Opening Poses; Twists & Core Poses; Backbends & Forward Folds; Inversions; Supine & Restorative Poses.

  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology: Planes of the Body, Key Actions & Joints; Applied Anatomy of the Hips & Lower Body; Applied Anatomy of the Shoulders & Spine; The Major Systems of the Human Body.

  • Energetic Anatomy & Chakra Yoga: Intro to Koshas, Pranas, Nadis, Chakras & Bandhas; The 7 Main Chakras incorporating asana, pranayama & meditation practices for each Chakra.

  • The Art & Science of Pranayama: Ten Types of Prana; Pranayama Techniques.

  • The Art & Science of Meditation: Mudras, Mantras & Chanting; The Yoga Brain & Neuroplasticity; Mindfulness Meditation Practices.

Our 24-day (200hr) Yoga Teacher Training curriculum includes, in addition to the above:

  • Teaching Skills: Seat of the Teacher; Ethics & Attributes; Observing, Assisting & Modifications; Positioning, Mirroring & Demonstrating; Health Concerns & Contraindications; Creative & Intelligent Vinyasa Sequencing; Finding Your Voice – Language & Cues; Planning, Theming, Music & Inspiration; The Business of Yoga: Starting Out & Creating a Sustainable Career

  • Teaching Lab: Instructing the Breath; Instructing the Families of Asanas; Practical Assessment.

  • Teacher trainees will also be required to attend 20 additional classes at SoHo Yoga or another approved/accredited yoga studio + complete 20 hours extra curricular study & assessment.